Weather & Clothing | 天氣和服飾

The weather in November in Lucknow and surrounding cities is generally quite pleasant. The average temperature has been in the wide range of 13 to 29°C and it rarely rains during this time of the year. So prepare clothing mostly for summer-ish type weather but pack a light jacket as the temperature can drop quite a bit at night.

勒克瑙和周圍城市11月的天氣基本上很舒適,平均溫度落在 13-29 度之間,早晚溫差較大,且降雨機率非常的小,所以可以攜帶夏天服飾再帶件薄外套即可。

If you're planning to travel around, please check the local weather in advance as India spans across multiple climatic zones and therefore the weather can drastically vary in terms of rainfall and temperature.


As for clothing in general, India is a very colorful country and each city has its own style of attire which can range from very modern (Mumbai, Goa) to very traditional (small cities and towns). So the general tip is be mindful of the local culture and you'll have a joyful experience.


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