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The 3-day wedding will be held in Hotel Dayal Paradise in Lucknow. If you're keen to attend all 3 days, you should arrive at the hotel no later than 5pm on the first day as the first ceremony should start around the evening. Below is the tentative wedding schedule and sofe dress code to whomsoever it may concern. I've also put some pictures from the wedding of Akash's sister Anchal and her husband Ralf.

三天的婚禮會辦在勒克瑙的 Dayal Paradise 飯店 若你想要完整體驗三天婚禮的話,建議最晚在第一天的下午五點左右抵達飯店,因為第一個儀式會在傍晚左右開始。以下是暫定的儀式行程以及各儀式的軟性服裝規定,我也放上了一些阿喀許二姐婚禮的照片給大家參考~

20th of November - Day 1: we’ll hold a Taiwanese engagement ceremony this day. Any Far East traditional attires is welcome to make it feel more cultural.

11/20 第一天:這一天傍晚會辦台灣式的文定儀式,大家可以穿台灣或中式傳統服飾來增添文化感~

21st of November - Day 2: we’ll have Haldi ceremony (where guests put turmeric paste on the couple) and Mehndi ceremony (where iconic body painting takes place) this day. The dress code for Haldi ceremony in the morning is Yellow, but no need to be too well-dressed as you might get dirty with the tumeric paste. As for Mehndi ceremony in the evening, Green is the main theme. You’re welcome to dress up nicely and enjoy body painting at this ceremony.

11/21 第二天:這天會舉辦 Haldi Ceremony (賓客抹薑黃到新人身上) & Mehndi Ceremony (經典的身體彩繪儀式)。上午的Haldi Ceremony 的服裝一般以黃色系為主,但抹薑黃時可能會弄髒衣服,所以不建議穿得太華麗;傍晚的Mehndi Ceremony 則是以綠色為主要色系的儀式,這儀式就可以穿的華麗一點了,到時候賓客也可以請彩繪師畫畫在手上當作紀念。

Haldi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

22nd of November - Day 3: we’ll have traditional marriage ceremony and reception banquet this day. This day is when the main wedding ceremony takes place. The couple will wear red traditional attires. The rituals will start in the morning. We will let everyone to have time in the afternoon to go back to your room and dress up nicely for the evening party. Most local neighbors and far relatives will only arrive in the evening when the banquet starts. People usually dress up overly well this day. It’s even more glamorous when it comes to Indian clothing. So, feel free to dress up to the top and don’t be afraid of being too much.

11/22 第三天傳統結婚儀式 & 宴客。這天是主要的結婚典禮,新人會身穿紅色系的傳統服飾,儀式會從上午就開始,下午會有時間讓大家回房間為晚上的宴會好好打扮,多數當地的遠親鄰居會在傍晚才抵達宴客會場。這天大家都會盛裝打扮印度服飾尤其華麗,所以盡情打扮,不用怕打扮過頭~

Marriage Ceremony Reception

Other than the first day of ceremony that follows Taiwanese culture, the second and the third days will follow the traditional Indian culture. If you’d like to feel more local and cultural, you can buy Indian traditional dresses to attend the wedding. None of the above dress codes is mandatory. The only mandatory thing is for you to fully enjoy this Indian wedding of ours.


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