Hygiene | 衛生

While India is still a developing country, there’s obviously a gap in hygiene for India to improve. Basically, the public toilets and drinking water are not very clean in India. I’d suggest to bring hand sanitizer, tissues and wipes with you. Also, only drink bottled water and not a random cup of water. Many public toilets in India are like those in Taiwan 20,30 years ago, which only have a hole on the ground and usually don’t come with toilets paper. I normally try my best to avoid using toilets outside. I personally think this is one big problem in India.

印度畢竟是發展中國家,衛生習慣和台灣還是有一段差距的,公共廁所和飲用水基本上都不是很乾淨,所以建議隨身攜帶免沖洗洗手液(Hand Sanitizer)、衛生紙和濕紙巾,然後只喝瓶裝水,不要喝外面的杯裝水。印度很多公共廁所還是跟台灣早期的那種很像,就是只有地上一個洞,而且通常都不會附衛生紙的,我通常都能避免就盡量不在外面上廁所,這一點是印度比較麻煩的地方。

About vaccination related issues, I’ve never had vaccinated in advance of traveling to India. Same as my mom and my sister, and all of us never had any health problem in India. I personally think as long as you're careful with the hygiene when you’re in India, you shouldn’t have any problem. For those who have weak immune system or sensitive stomach, you can refer to your national health bureau for detailed information about travel vaccination.

關於行前接種疫苗的問題,我自己每次來印度前是都沒有特別去打什麼疫苗啦!我媽媽和姊姊之前來也是沒有打疫苗,我們三個在印度都沒有出現任何健康問題,所以我是覺得只要在印度注意衛生,其實不會有太大的問題的。如果免疫力比較不好腸胃比較敏感的人,可以參考這篇議施打疫苗簡介 網路部落客

Another serious problem of India is air pollution. I have once got serious allergic reaction in India when my double eyelids turn to single eyelids. The symptom went away the next day after I took allergy pills. Hence I’d suggest you to bring your allergy pills if you’re also sensitive to air quality.


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